qershor, 2021

shtu26qer08:0020:00Virtual Event6th Tirana Trophy & 9th Top Tirana OpenSport08:00 - 20:00 Tiranë, Tiranë

Detajet e eventit

We are pleased and honored to invite you and your athletes to participate in the:”6th Tirana Trophy 2021″ and “9 th Top Tirana Open 2021”
that will take place in Tirana on June 26th, 2021.We are committed to make this event a successful one. We adhere to the highest standards of
preparation in order to create an ideal atmosphere for all participating teams.
We ensure you that there will be a fair play and maximum transparency.
We hope you have a wonderful stay in Albania and the charming city of Tirana, and that you enjoy
your time together with all the other members of the Taekwondo family.
We are looking forward to receiving your confirmation of participation for this event no later than
June 20th 2021.
We truly hope that we can welcome you to participate in “9th Top Tirana Open 2021” and “6th Tirana
Trophy 2021″ International Taekwondo Tournament and wish you and your team a lot of success at
this championship.

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(E shtunë) 08:00 - 20:00